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Who are your physical therapy providers at littleton adult day care?


Do you have someone who is providing Physical Therapy for the clients of the Summit Adult Day Care in Littleton, CO?


The RehabCare Outpatient Therapy Center

We offer therapy services for a wide variety of orthopedic and musculoskeletal injuries and disorders, as well as for general rehabilitation needs. Our primary goal is to help patients return
to their highest possible level of function and to the activities they enjoy; regaining their lives. Our clinicians provide proactive, exercise-oriented therapy with manual techniques, empowering patients to successfully progress through treatment and continue to improve functionally.

Benefits of Outpatient Therapy

• Increase strength and mobility
• Increase gross motor skills
• Increase independence
• Improve posture and body mechanics
• Improve balance
• Decrease pain
• Increase flexibility
• Increase ADL independence
• Educate family and caregiver(s)
• Increase functional mobility
• Ensure appropriate diet and safe swallow
• Maximize cognitive ability
• Improve functional communication and speech production

Daniel J Mans, PTA
Program Director for Therapy Services

Dan is the program director of rehabilitation services at Summit Adult Day and Wellness Center. He moved to Littleton from the Philadelphia area three years ago, after taking numerous ski vacations to Colorado over the past decade. Dan graduated with High Honors from Delaware Tech in 1998 and spent the first ten years practicing at an Orthopedic/Manual therapy clinic in Wilmington, Delaware. During this time, he also served as a clinical instructor with a specialty in manual techniques for his alma mater and sat on the Delaware State Physical Therapy Advisory Board. Dan moved here in 2008 after accepting a position with RehabCare Group and was recently appointed to head the therapy department at Summit. In his spare time he enjoys hiking, backpacking, and skiing.

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