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Volunteer with Summit to Work with Seniors

If you love people, desire to live life with purpose and impact, or if you simply have a passion or talent that you'd love to share with others, then you may really enjoy volunteering in your local community!

Whether it is performing at our adult day center, or if its lending a hand to a local senior in need, we are always seeking to connect with people like you.

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Do you or someone you know love to sing or dance?  Whether you are an aspiring solo artist or you enjoy performing with a group, we have a welcoming audience of elderly, blind and disabled friends who yearn for connection and who will cherish all you have to share with them.

Summit programs have a strong emphasis on music and dance as music is impactful in our work with at risk populations especially those with dementia.

Evoking emotions that bring memories, musical favorites often into tap deep recesses of the minds of those with dementia and amazingly the toe tapping soon follows!

Some of our events focus on nostalgic structured dance. which is the foundation for social etiquette. It breaks down inhibitions, teaches physical respect, promotes confidence, and teaches the dancers how to appropriately interact

with the opposite gender in a structured and healthy environment

Student volunteers are an integral part our generation connect events. Students participate in all stages of our connecting events.. The participating youth gain experience in social etiquette, leadership, teamwork and community service.

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