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New Gene Therapy Shows Promise in Halting Alzheimer’s

by Administrator

A new gene therapy treatment being tested by a team of researchers prevents the plaque deposits known to cause Alzheimer’s disease from being formed.

Early stage clinical trials show that the antibody aducanumab effectively destroys the beta amyloid deposits that lead to a plaque build-up and subsequently lead to brain inflammation. Researchers at Imperial College London have identified a gene that interferes with the production of the beta amyloid peptides.

“However a great deal of further work is necessary to determine whether the…gene treatment works with humans and, if it does, whether effective gene therapy treatments using the gene can be developed,” according to an article on

CNBC also reports on aducanumab, developed by biotech firm Biogen, and success with its use in a trial of 165 people with early stage Alzheimer’s.


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