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A Loving Solution

Summit Adult Day Care and Wellness Center is the solution to the challenges families face when caring for seniors at home.

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Summit Adult Day Care now accepts Medicaid. Call us to learn more!

Summit bridges the generational gap, offering day programs for seniors while family members work and participate in other activities. At Summit, seniors can receive health care and physical assistance in a safe, caring environment, and enjoy individual and group activities in the same familiar setting.

The family gains peace of mind and respite from competing responsibilities, and seniors can continue to live with family.

The Summit facility is attractive, scrupulously clean, and designed for seniors comfort and enjoyment.

We have many on-site services to serve many of the everyday needs for your loved ones.

Things like Physical Therapy and a Doctors Clinic.

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adult day care littleton
adult day care littleton

Our Mission

At Summit, we are devoted to seniors care, well being, and enjoyment, bridging the gap between generations to help caregivers keep seniors at home.

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